Megan Jespersen Counseling

Identity, art direction, web design and development for a Counselling business

Megan Jespersen is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who wants her prospective clients to know that she is a realist, not an optimist, and that she will meet them wherever they are mentally and spiritually in that moment, however dark a place that may be. She wanted her site both to help her stand out of the crowd of counsellors by having a very different look, and to help new clients get to know her in a real way. I worked with her to develop a visual identity that acknowledges dark while letting light stream in, and exudes deep emotion.
We used the depth and textures of the forest as a visual metaphor for depth and uniqueness in people. I provided art direction for the photographs, which were shot by Cai Hockemeyer, and designed the site to feature the images in a way that they create texture and tone and also let Megan's personality evade the site. Megan is there in the forest that feels home to her, gently examining the intricacy in nature, and in people. 
The responsive design includes styles for super-wide screens 

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